1. To promote the understanding of all religions so that each and every person, practising and non-practising, believers and non-believers can understand what religion means to people. In particular we aim to support and promote religious education in schools so the very children who will be instrumental in shaping our future will understand different religions with greater knowledge and more empathy, with less fear and fewer misconceptions.
  2. S.I.K.H therefore aims to play a key part in raising and helping the development of education and awareness in schools, and above all to engage the youth by ensuring that the learning process is not only informative but fun again.
  3. To celebrate and enhance the wonderful diversification of people from different backgrounds, races, and creeds, and to show how religion can be used to bring such people closer together. We have all seen how religion has been used so destructively as fuel to feed the fire of war, which is why we now want to turn that on its head and show how religion can actually bring people closer to together.
  4. To connect religion to the changing social, economic, and geographical climate of the world. For too long religion has been portrayed in a one-dimensional light, whereas in truth religion lives around us and in us, and is part of everything that we do. S.I.K.H hopes to broaden the understanding of what religion really is and how it affects the world that we live in on a daily basis and how it affects the local, national and global communities.
  5. To make religion enjoyable, fun and interesting. Religion is full of promise and excitement and should stimulate you to develop your soul. Religion can be sent and received in many forms but for many years the message has often been lost in translation as it is delivered via a monotone message sent within an institutionalised and historic context. Part of our vision is to take religion and to demonstrate its fluidity and how it can be taught within a spiritual framework, and how it can reach greater audiences that have become disconnected from what should be part of the daily routine.
  6. To promote fairness and equality and to challenge prejudice and stereotyping. The S.I.K.H message aims to bring different faiths, communities and religions together and to embrace the common denominators that are central to all religions rather than to focus on the differences. After all even the differences can be celebrated when approached in the right way. That’s why teaching children at school level is so important for they will be the ones who will eventually take up the mantle and continue to spread the message of hope, peace and prosperity through religion.
  7. To give access and entitlement to all children and people irrespective of their background. In particular we hope to offer disadvantaged children, in whatever form, the opportunity to better their path through enhancing their knowledge and offering humanitarian assistance to make an impact on their daily lives. This will be in one of the most fundamentally important subjects that will be used eventually not only in their place of work but will be a subject matter that will affect them and shape them for the rest of their lives.
  8. To promote measurable standards by which children can be assessed in terms of their understanding of subjects. This will give children specific objectives to aim for within a national framework of core learning matters. We recognise the importance of creating a progressive learning system where different groups of children with varying abilities can each be stimulated by ensuring that their matter is at the right level for them. This helps them to remain motivated throughout.